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Our job is to help companies and individuals to develop and create a sustainable work life, by offering our expertise in executive search, recruitment, tests, team development, employer branding and staffing. Our main drive is that we enjoy working with people who want to challenge themselves and wish to change their professional life. In our daily work, we are always straightforward and honest. We are curious, dare to question and constantly try to find new ways to become even better at what we do. All to really understand, find the perfect match and position the right person at the right place.

Are you looking for a new job? Are you looking for new exciting challenges? Or does your company need to recruit new employees? Then you are in the right place.

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We believe in a comprehensive and close cooperation in every recruitment process. We know that the need of staff varies over time and we also know that there are many factors involved.

Sometimes the organization have a recruitment strategy planned and sometimes the need for recruitment is more urgent. No matter what, we always do our utmost in order to satisfy all parties involved, throughout the entire process.

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Through PS Consultant, you can quickly and effectively bring in additional skilled staff if there are gaps, e.g. due to sick leave, parental leave or high workloads. Our consultants are employed by us, but working on assignments at our customers.

We have focused on official workers and are very best in the areas of finance / HR / Support and Management. We are an authorized staffing company and have a collective agreement with Unionen.

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Executive Search

Working with executive search is like solving a puzzle. We know that talented people do not always have time to look at new opportunities. The challenge lies in finding that specific person who can best contribute to your organization’s development and success.

Our work is always characterized by a well-established search process, creativity and an abundant commitment.

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We are good at growth. We are good at understanding the challenges of growth and we are good at attracting the skills required to achieve the goals that are set. We will not let go when people are employed – we want to be involved all the way. We have developed a concept where we become part of our clients, we are involved from strategy to implementation – in a thorough way. We call that Partnership.

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