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Anna has an MBA from the Gothenburg School of Economics with a master in organization and management. She has experience from the service industry, where she has worked in the travel industry as an HR manager. Since 2000, Anna has worked with staffing and recruitment. At Manpower she worked as a consultant manager within finance, sourcing and logistics as well as a recruiter with the fields of technology and engineers. Furthermore, she has been the CEO of the staffing and recruitment company Flex Life and since 2010 Anna is the CEO and partner at PS Partner. Anna has besides recruitment and partnerships focused on international recruitment and collaborations.
Anna is very much appreciated for her strategic and operational capability, business orientation, dedication and her ability to see opportunities in businesses, people and organizations.
Anna is a certified coach in the team development tool, Insights Discovery and certified in personality assessment tools OPQ, SHL. Anna is also a mentor to start-ups and has Board of Directors assignments.

Martina Hindriks

Elin has a master degree in politics from the School of Public Administration at the University of Gothenburg. She began her career within staffing and recruitment in an expansionary phase in the management consulting industry. Elin works as a recruitment consultant, primarily in technology, marketing and sales. She is also responsible for the business area Partnership at PS Partner where she has experience of building an organization in strong growth with difficult expertise, in close cooperation with the client.
Elin is appreciated for her honesty, drive and commitment alongside her business focus. Elin is certified in personality assessment tools OPQ, SHL.

Lena has an MBA from the Gothenburg School of Economics with specialization in organization and management. She has worked as a recruiter / consultant manager in the staffing industry since 2006, where she primarily worked with services in finance, HR, marketing, administration and customer service for both managers and employees. Lena is responsible for the consultant segment of PS Partner and is particularly appreciated for her great commitment and business drive, with both consultants and clients.
Lena is a certified coach in Insights Discovery and personality analysis OPQ, SHL.

Mats has a master of politics from the School of Public Administration, University of Gothenburg and has a background as a controller in the food and pharmaceutical industry, before he began working in the recruitment industry in the beginning of the 2000s. Mats has built up the recruitment segment at Technogarden and worked at Lisberg Executive Search, among other things. Mats has extensive experience in advanced search processes and recruitment of leaders and managers. Mats is a partner at PS Partner and Head of Business Area Executive Search. Mats is appreciated for his results-oriented approach and his ability to understand complex organizations.
Mats is certified in personality analysis OPQ, SHL.

Sandra has a degree in industrial economics from the University of Skövde. She has worked as HR manager and quality manager in the consulting industry, and also as a business development consultant and Lean-project leader. Sandra works as a recruitment consultant and has primarily focused on management and specialist recruitments in product and technology companies, and municipal operations.
She is appreciated for her structured approach and ability to build long-term relationships.
Sandra is certified in personality assessment tools OPQ, SHL.

Sara holds a degree in Photography & Digital Imaging from college in the US where she spent many years, and returns to frequently. Having worked as a freelance photographer for just short of 16 years, she felt an urge for new challenges and obtained an advanced higher vocational education diploma in detstination development with a strong focus on project management, marketing and business development. She is also certified in digital marketing from IHM and is PS Partners marketing manager. Sara has many strings to her bow with experience from many fields including the car industry, press and the world of advertising to name a few. She´s appreciated for her strong drive, her ability to deliver and to quickly identify creative possibilities.

Sara is a sociologist with a specialization in work environment, organization and leadership from the University of York. She has experience from the service industry and customer relations. Sara is currently working with the consultant segment at PS Partner, primarily staffing within finance, HR, marketing, administration and customer service. Sara is appreciated for her social skills and focused drive and commitment.