Employer Branding

How to build your brand as an employer?

Employer branding is an important topic for us. But what does it really mean? Simply described, it is to continuously build its employer brand and to market and position yourself as the best possible employer. But also to bring the brand to life internally and externally – to attract the people you want to recruit.

We help you to communicate your employer brand

It is becoming more significant to look at one’s employer branding from a recruitment perspective. As a company and organization it becomes vital to attract the very best. And to get the very best to find your company. As an employer brand is equally much behavior and communication, you should consider what needs to change within the company and what needs to be strengthened or downplayed in communication. To properly communicate what one stands for as an employer and what characterizes the workplace and makes it special, gives a great advantage in the competition for the best talent.

Our offer

PS Partner’s offer entails that we do workshops on how you can affect your image and make it work for you – in the right direction. Together with us and our consultants, we work out strategies how to best manage and build your brand as an employer.

To build an employer brand is a process in three parts:

1. Employer Branding Platform – What are you?

Since an employer brand is equally behavior and communication, you should consider what needs to change within the company and what needs to be strengthened or downplayed in your communication.

2. Target group analysis – What do you need to recruit to meet and support your goals?

Here we are looking for answers to the questions: Who do you attract? Which values and motivations does this particular audience have? What do they think is important that you also can offer? In addition, we seek answers to the questions: Identity – How are you as an employer? Profile – How do you want to be as an employer regarding values and behavior and what do/can you communicate? Image – How you are perceived today in the labor market compared to others and what people know about you?

3. Communication plan – Once you know what your audience is thinking and what message you want to communicate this can be formulated.

Here, the following issues can be discussed: How should you express yourselves against a specific group considering their values and what they think is important? Consider what their everyday looks like and what you can communicate in the long term.

We work from your current situation and always proceed from your reality. Whether you want practical advice in attracting a new manager, or if you want to review and develop your entire offer to the employees, PS Partner can enhance your attractiveness as an employer.

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