Team Development

The key to success

As a tool for better communication and organization development, we have chosen to work with Insights Discovery. The tool is based on Jung’s theories and has a clear incentive: “By understanding ourselves, we can better understand our world and thus work to make the world a better place for all.”

In our fluctuating world, individuals and organizations constantly meet new challenges and opportunities. Insights Discovery is ideal if you want to; understand your unique “I”, develop your communication with other people, but also set personal development goals – both personally and professionally.

We tailor the program to your needs

With Insight as a basis, our consultants help you by tailoring development programs for the individual, team, sales and leadership. Our programs are combined to create long-term and measurable results to inspire a positive change within your organization.

Through this development program, you get a deep insight to yourself and your colleagues. You discover your work preferences and behavior. You learn how to interact with others to create strong and effective relationships. The team will thus obtain the tools needed to collectively and continuously work with improvements.

Identify your areas of development

Insights Discovery begins with each participant completing a test which results in a report, which we work with both individually and from the group’s perspective. The test uses an educational model to understand each individual’s unique preferences. The profile provides information on the individual’s strengths and weaknesses, communication style and contribution in team collaborations. The profile also contains proposals for development areas that can be directly applied in everyday life. And within your organization.

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