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PS Leadership

Ever since the start of PS Partner, recruitment, consulting and search have given us solid reliance from our customers. We’ve been trusted in recruiting for key positions to many exciting companies and organizations.

Thanks to these collaborations, we see an increased interest in continuing to work with leadership development. We are grateful for that. We feel that we grow both as individuals, as business partners and as a successful company through all these exciting challenges. Our hope and ambition is, that we will make eachother better.

We know and agree that no one is born a leader. Everyone needs training for continued success and through self-awareness, courage and good will, you can prosper in your role. Sometimes the possibility of using external parties is a good idea and that party might well be PS Leadership.

PS Leadership is PS Partners recently formed company. We have chosen to focus our incubating efforts on the following pillars:

  • Based on well-validated research
  • Measurability against results
  • Concrete and possible to translate into practice quickly and easily
  • We believe that the best development effort is a well-balanced mix of both individual, individual development and group development, as well as clear elements of reflection.

PS Leadership can be of great help in:

  • Development – Individual (eg leader coaching and deeper personality assessment focused on development)
  • Development – Group (Management Team Development, Talent Program, Leadership Program, Open and Customized, HiPo Efforts, Conflict Resolution, etc.)
  • Workshops and team building in the form of so-called business simulations (eg on theme Change, Power and Impact, Decision Making and Business Games)
  • EQ workshops and lectures on eg emotional intelligence.

For more information, contact Helen Lagergren helen.lagergren@pspartner.se

Helen Ryberg Lagergren

CEO PS Partner Stockholm & PS Leadership

Anna Petersson

CEO & Founder of PS Partner

Madeleine von Gyllenpalm

Senior Advisor



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