Our Story

Anna Petersson, PS Partner’s CEO and founder, shares how she saw a gap in the market and decided to fill it. This is the story behind PS Partner.

PS Partners founder and CEO Anna Petersson – from the ski slope to the recruitment industry

– When you work in the recruitment industry, you meet many people every day who are in different places in their careers and for me it is a great honor to be part of their journey. My own trip started on a couple of skis. I have always loved to get up for steep hills, stand there for a while at the top and wonder if I really dare. Breathtaking and so – perform. Afterwards wonderful lovely.

After completing my studies at the School of Business, skiing called, so I searched for work in the Alps – decided to ski one season before I really officially wan an adult.

I got a job at Ski Tignes, responsible for staffing, logistics and hotels in Vald d’Isere. It was an amazing job at a fantastic growth company, but it gave me no time at all to actually ski. It was there that I discovered how important it is to have the right person in the right place and after two years in France, I moved to Gothenburg and worked as an HR manager at the company.

It was extremely developing offering a high pace with many people and great responsibility. This was around the year 2000 when everyone wanted in on the “dot com boom”, so I resigned and started an internet travel agency.


Building a company from the start with investors, developing systems and business was very exciting…

Choosing to jump off when everything was running and starting at Manpower as a consultant manager, I had the opportunity to work both as a consultant manager and recruiter before an offer as CEO of a small staffing company, Flexlife, appeared.

I accepted the offer and worked at Flexlife until a joboffer in Dubai attracted my husband so I quit and we moved to Dubai. There, I was on maternity leave with our youngest daughter and started, among other things, a portal for Scandinavians who would establish themselves in Dubai.

2010 was the time to return home…

Meeting with several recruitment agencies, nothing felt right – it didn’t feel like anyone was working the way I saw needed. My vision was to be able to look for skills supply in the long term and take time for each person. But everyone else seemed to prioritize finding a candidate as quickly as possible and I therefore decided to start my own recruitment company. PS Partner.

Along with a business partner, the first few years went by. It then dawned on us that we wanted to build the company in different ways. So, starting January 1, 2017, I was therefore the sole principal owner of PS Partner with 6 employees. From here on, things happened fast. We now have a marketing manager, a sourcing team and several recruiters, nationwide! In November 2017 we started an office in Borås, in August 2018 in Stockholm and in March 2019 in Malmö and we are now 22 amazingly driven colleagues.

The idea on which the company is based is still today;

to see the people behind the resume’s and follow them on the road to their success. We want to take long-term responsibility, both for the candidates and for the clients, and we want to be a sounding board throughout the first year to ensure that the recruitment is really as good as possible. For everyone involved.

For us, it is important to give everyone a chance – not just those who meet all the criteria on the customer’s dream list (often it is not actually the most obvious candidates that result in the best recruits).

We want to be honest and respect every candidate, while also contributing to customers’ business development from an HR perspective.

The most enjoyable thing about my job

is when we’ve found a candidate for a position that might be a little bigger than the candidate imagined. It can be scary, but when we see the potential of a person we always want to help and support to dare to take the step. At the same time, the client might have thought something else, someone with a little more experience of a similar position, but in turn they must then dare to trust that we found the best person for the job.

When we then visit a company after a candidate has begun employment, it turns out time and time again that the recruitment has been an absolut perfect match for both parties. Both the company and the candidate have grown and that is what drives me. To be a business partner to our clients.

Skiing is still very important to me, it is the ultimate image of a challenge; Going up the hill is tough and hard, but soon you’ll be standing there at the top or the mountain taking in the views, and it is both breathtakingly beautiful and sometimes quite scary. You have to dare to throw yourself out there. Courage. That’s what everything is all about.

Anna Petersson, VD, ägare och grundare av PS Partner AB