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PS Recruitment

When recruiting viable candidates to a specific position, we want to follow the entire process. From setting up the requirement profile, to advertising, selection, interviews, reference taking, salary negotiation to integration and follow-up.

Our work is characterized by seeking out candidates in our extensive network and through our experience, personality, creativity and commitment we find the people who are attracted to your company.

This is what our recruitment process looks like. It is a little different from our peers and we are proud to say that it is what makes us stand out by successful results. Obviously, we have to leave a few things out or we would have copycats running wild.

1. Meeting with clients

The first step is that we meet to go through what you are searching for and the conditions of the recruitment process. We look at the schedule, the organization’s goals, strategy, corporate culture and future challenges. Then we go through the requirement profile and meet other employees in the organization that are important in relation to the position.

2. Advertising

After our first meeting, we summarize the information in a requirement profile and create a job ad. Once it is approved by you, we will publish it on your website, ours and at Arbetsförmedlingen, which in turn connects the advertisement to approximately 22 additional sites including for example Linkedin. We also initiate search in our network. 

3. Selection by candidates contacted, qualified and interviewed

As the application period runs, as well as when it has come to an end, we go through all the applicants and the people we’ve searched. We match candidates to the requirement profile and explore their background, skills, talent and interest in the role.

4. Interviews of viable candidates

In this stage, we interview the candidates considered viable according to the requirement profile. During interviews we present the client company and the conditions for the requested position. We also review the candidates’ background, experience, aptitude and obviously, their interest.

5. Presentation to client 

Next, we summarize the information from the suitable candidates and present them to our client. We go through their background, suitability and motives for seeking the position. Based on this candidate list you choose the candidates you want to move further in the process and interview.

6. Interview with the client

The client now interviews the selected candidates. If prompted, we can participate in the interviews to promote a smoother discussion in regards to suitability vs. requirement profile.

7. Tests and deep-interview

Evaluation of candidates is done by the personality test TalentQ. We send the candidates a link and login details for this test. In the TalentQ test, personality is defined as a person’s typical or preferred way to behave, think and feel.

With TalentQ and our own in-depth interview template as a basis, we perform an interview that takes about two hours. Using the set requirement profile we ensure that all requirements are met. Moreover, we supplement with additional references to straighten out any queries from the in-depth interview. After tests and interviews are conducted, we present the results personally to you.

8. Final interview

After reviewing the taken tests, a second and final interview with the candidate is conducted by the client. In this interview, the client discusses the job description in deeper detail as well as the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to the position. Other employees from the organization may also be involved to provide a picture as complete as possible to the candidate.

9. Offer and negotiation

After the final interview, tests and considerations, the client chooses a final candidate. The candidate is offered the job and salary negotiation begins.

10. Integration of the candidate in the workplace

We assist with the integration of your new colleague at their new workplace through close follow-ups and dialogue. We have regular follow-ups the first week of employment and then after three, six and twelve months.

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