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PS Tech

We are here for you and we are PS Tech

PS Tech

Why reverse recruitment?

Attracting and recruiting experienced and talented IT /Tech talents is a big challenge. How can one in the most efficient way succeed in an overheated market?

Well, it requires that you think outside the box and thus find new ways to be successful in Tech recruitment. We simply turn the process around – and so the idea was born of the mediation process that is PS Tech.

PS Tech agile process

Mediation processes are a fast version of recruitment with a strong focus on the candidate. The processes are agile and dynamic – with a focus on the swift meeting between candidate and customer.

Sourcing + Tech network

Since the start, PS Partners idea has been to focus on people who are looking for new challenges. To meet, listen and see opportunities together.

This becomes even clearer through PS Tech. We contact talents within IT /Tech and find a dialogue with people who usually do not respond to traditional headhunting, but who still feel that they lack something in their career life.

PS Tech is sourcing at its finest and we are constantly growing our solid network within the tech area.

We want to understand the candidate, what they want, why and how? How can we help them achieve their goals.

Read more about possible projects and filter your skills by answering a couple of questions.  It will take a maximum of 5-6 minutes of your time.

Reverse Recruitment

We're here for you, we're PS Tech

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Ana Shontova

Product Owner/ Tech Recruiter

Ana Shontova is PS Partners main go-to person when it comes to IT / Tech.

She began her journey at PS Partner in the spring of 2018 and soon showed a clear interest in the IT/ AI/ Tech industries which harmonized with a strong passion for people and business.

Ana was raised in Germany and has a degree in Business Administration from the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

Her interest in new cultures has taken her to Berlin, London, Shanghai, Sofia and now (thanks to cupid) to Gothenburg.

Ana speaks four languages and could easily be referred to as a "global citizen". She quickly adopted PS Partners' foremost driving force - listening to candidates.

Through this, Ana and PS developed our take on reverse recruitment processes within IT/ Tech.

At PS this means focusing on understanding what it is that candidates would like to do and thereafter, we find appropriate workplaces and positions. PS Tech is what we call Reverse Recruitment - it doesn't have to be trickier than that.

Gabriella Christiansen

Regional Manager PS Partner Göteborg