PS Management

Our selection process step by step

Working with management search is like solving a puzzle. At first we clarify your expectations and needs of the current executive position. We analyze the industry and level, both nationally and internationally and search systematically in our networks, databases and through contacts. In our extensive search, we even contact qualified candidates directly in a discreet manner. The challenge lies in finding just the right person whom can contribute to your organization’s development and success. Our work is always characterized by a well-established search process, creativity and an abundant commitment. The following steps describes how the selection process works, step by step.

1. Meeting with client

The first step is that we meet to go through what you are looking for, how your organization is built, what the challenges are and what qualifications the candidate shall have. Then we summarize our view of what you are seeking, recapitulate the business’ goals, strategy, corporate culture and future challenges, as well as provide a suggested time schedule. You assess this and offer feedback – all so we can assure that we have a shared image of what we are looking for. It is also important to know your USP, so we can sell your company the way you want to the right candidates.

2. Analysis of the business and the market

In the next step, we meet parts of your organization as well as managers and employees to get an overall picture of the business, but also to gain a deeper understanding of the target position. Based on these conversations and gathered information we develop a profile/role description that in detail presents the job position. The profile contains information about your organization, job title, career opportunities and desire for experience and education.

3. Search Strategy

Once we agree on the requirement profile and information, we create a search strategy to identify where the requested skills and personality traits are found. We search for suitable candidates within our networks, databases and through contacts but also contact potential candidates directly. If you wish, we advertise for candidates through appropriate channels.

4. Identification of talents

In the search process, we list, in accordance with the assignment statement, qualified candidates for the position. Then we identify those we consider to be most suitable for the position.

5. Selection by contacting, qualifying and telephone interviewing candidates

We continue the process by contacting the selected candidates to reconcile their interest in the position.

6. Longlist Presentation of qualified candidates

Next a so-called longlist is presented, which contains a brief description of each selected candidate as a basis for further discussion. After a mutual consideration, we agree to a lesser number who go on to a first interview at PS Partner.

7. Shortlist presentation and interview the remaining candidates with clients

Before the presentation, we conduct in-depth interviews with the current candidates. We discuss the details of the position and explore the candidate’s background, skills and experience. The final candidates are presented to you in a so-called shortlist and then your mission is to evaluate and consider these. Together with you we partake in the interview phase to make it easier to discuss the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. After the first round of interviews, we agree to one or more candidates who go on to the next interview. Before this happens, we conduct extensive tests to get answers to any questions that arose during the first interview.

8. Tests and interviews

Evaluation of candidates is done using personality test, ability tests, case studies and Inbox Simulation. With the test results and our own in-depth interview template as a basis, we perform an interview that takes about two hours. We always start from the requirement profile to ensure that all requirements are met. After conducting tests and interviews, we personally present the results to you both orally and in writing. For management-level or equivalent the final candidate conducts assessment test that we adjust for the specific position.

9. Final Interview

After a review of the tests, we conduct a final interview together with you. In this interview you discuss the challenges of the position in more detail. Another employee from your organization may also be involved in order to provide as much of a complete picture as possible to the candidate.

10. Offer and negotiation

After the final interview, tests and considerations, you choose a candidate. The candidate is offered the position and salary negotiation begins.

11. Integration of the candidate in the workplace

We assist to integrate your new colleague at his/her new workplace through close follow-ups and dialogue. We have regular follow-ups the first week of employment and then after three, six and twelve months.