The Story

We started PS Partner because we are driven by the perfect match.

After all the years in recruitment and staffing, we have become convinced that we are most beneficial when we understand the organization. When we understand the opportunities offered and by that perceive what will help the organization succeed – then 1+1 =3.

In our world the position we recruit is not that important – they all are needed and are equally important in an organization. All the elements must exist and be right – then we do a good job. We believe in enabling as many people as possible to take the opportunity to test and challenge yourself, to really dare to try the new. We believe in making the process as smooth, honest and simple as possible.

That is our mission – The search for the perfect match.

For those who want and dare to change.
We want…
… To be a long term partner in the customer’s business and organizational development by providing our expertise in entrepreneurship, human resources and leadership.

By doing that …
… We become the obvious choice for people who want to go further and change their professional development. We become the obvious choice for companies who dare to think outside the box to find the right person to the right place and who see cooperation as the key to success.

And then…
… all in the Nordic countries whom are ahead, curious, interested and open to change, whom seeks to alter their work situation or organization, will want to work with us because that is what we do best.