Available management positions

PS Management is our offer to those looking to recruit the most senior executives and key employees.

Like all business areas within the PS Partner Organization, recuiting consultants of PS Management ensure that, in addition to ensuring the formal competence of viable candidates, time to really understand personality, working methods and potential are key.

This, along with in-depth tests, background checks and referral conversations that are obvious elements of our workflow, makes it possible for us to find the perfect match for all parties involved, candidate as well as client.

Through a solid and industry-focused network that is a result of having worked nurmerous years in the industry, we are confident that we can guarantee us being  the right partner for those who want sustainable, qualitative leadership.

PS Management comprises of our most senior and experienced recruiters  who all have extensive experience of appointing leaders in a wide range of industries.

Well aware of the competition in our line of business we want to tell those who do not know us already, how to distinguish us from the crowd. Because we really do.

The red thread in PS Partner’s genetic code, and what really makes us what we are, is that we simply believe in doing a little more. We believe in personal relationships and meetings and the exciting results that come from it. For us that means a closer relationship, caulker cooperation and transparency from both ends.

This has always been the core idéa of PS Partner since we know that honesty and transparency is the only way to stay successful in the long run.

If you share our views, then we are most likely your partner for the future and we look forward to getting to know you better!