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Assessment & Coaching

Assessment & Coaching

For assessment, coaching and development 

To evaluate, coach and develop people we use one or more different tests and evaluation tools. We are certified in a variety of personality tests and proficiency tests. In our assessments and coaching we combine different exercises based on the need we see in the service or for the development effort.

A selection of the tools we use are; Talent Q, OPQ32, EQi2.0, WPT, Insight Discovery.

Personality test as Talent Q and OPQ-32 is a self-assessment test. For positions on management level there is also a half-day Assessment which includes psychological testing, various skill tests and for group or individual development we use EQi 2.0 and Insights Discovery among others.


TalentQ personality test, proficiency test, 360 tools TalentQ provides personality tests, proficiency tests and “360 degree tools” in connection with the recruitment and development of people. TalentQ is a self-assessment test. For this, proficiency tests can be selected that evaluate numerical, verbal and logical ability. The proficiency tests are limited to a maximum of 15 minutes each. The numerical test gives answers to mathematical and analytical thinking. The verbal test is designed to measure the ability to understand written information and to evaluate reasoning about the information. The logical test measures the ability to see patterns and events. The person’s response is compared to a relevant norm group that provides a profile of perceived preferences for different ways of behaving in their work. We send link and login information for the test to the person who will be performing the test. After the tests, we conduct an in-depth interview with the person and feedback summaries of tests in writing to the customer.

The various tools within TalentQ that we use are;

Dimensions – personality profile

Character trait profile: The candidate’s preferred behavior in the most used areas of expertise in business.

Team: Which roles in a team prefer the candidate most or least to take. Create a composite team profile, and identify which candidates best complement existing team members.

Leader potential: The candidate’s potential to develop and grow as a leader.

Derailment: When does a candidate’s strengths become a risk for derailment.

Role Matching: Create a personality profile for the role you are recruiting for and get an objective picture of how the candidate’s profile matches the role. Interview guide with competency-based interview questions based on the candidate’s profile linked to the role.

Elements – proficiency tests

Three different tests that measure the candidate’s verbal, numerical and logical ability. Measures not only whether a candidate fits the service, but also how quickly they are gathering information (numeric, verbal, logical ability). Finds talents and identifies potential.

Drives – motivation and evaluation test. Indicate what motivates the person. Matches the candidate’s values ​​with the company’s values. Describes how you as manager and company should lead and motivate your employees.

EQ-i 2.0

The doctrine of emotional intelligence forms the basis of the EQ-i 2.0 test, the world’s most widely used EQ test that we offer in both recruitment and development. Emotional intelligence is about the ability to understand and express oneself, to develop and maintain social relationships, clear adversities and challenges, and to be able to use their emotional knowledge for an effective and meaningful life. Emotional intelligence is one of the most important success factors for success at work, both for the individual and for the organization. We send a link and login information for the test to the person. After completing the test, we conduct an in-depth interview with the person and feedback summary of the test in writing to the customer. EQ-i2.0 is a tool that is also used in individual development programs that is based on the measurement of the individual’s emotional and social abilities. To this is added a 360 analysis of the individual’s manager and employees. See more information about coaching and leadership development at .

We also combine EQi 2.0 with the use of a problem-solving test that measures cognitive ability. We have chosen WPT (Wonderlic), a fast and reputable tool that measures so-called G-factor, ie logical, numeric, verbal and spatial ability in one test. A person’s talent or problem-solving ability is an extremely important factor when it comes to predicting a person’s ability to understand instructions, apply knowledge in new situations, understand larger contexts and solve problems. The test has been used successfully and with high validity for more than 75 years and is recommended by the highly regarded international review body Buros Center for Testing. In addition to cognitive ability, the result provides good guidance on how the person will cope and feel satisfied with the challenge that a certain role entails. Extensive research shows that qualitative talent tests increase the likelihood of succeeding in getting the right person to the right place. This applies to all occupational categories.

Personality assessment OPQ32 (Occupational Personality Questionnaire)

The OPQ-32 defines personality as a person’s typical or preferred way to behave, think and feel. OPQ is an ipsativ (self-referential) personality assessment. This means that you only have two possible answers. It is a so-called two evils test and the ipsativ format prevents idealization. Moreover, the OPQ test describes the 32 personality characteristics grouped into three main areas: relationships, thinking and emotions. We send out a link to the preferred candidates, with login details for the test. The test consists of a total of 104 questions and take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.

The test includes questions about the candidate’s behavior, preferences and attitudes in relation to different aspects of their working lives. The candidate is to choose the option (amongst several) that conforms most versus least with their personality. The candidate’s responses are compared against a group which provides a profile of alleged preferences for different ways to behave on the job. These fall into three main areas, relationships with people, thinking style and emotion.

With OPQ and our own in-depth interview template as a basis, we conduct an interview which takes about two hours. We always proceed from the requirement profile to ensure that all requirements are met. Then we supplement with additional references to straighten out any queries from the in-depth interview. After conducted tests and interviews, we personally present the results to you.

Assessment for the management level

For executive and management-level or equivalent, we can also add a half-day Assessment. This includes psychological tests, written reports and different situations and dilemmas to be solved. Risk management, leadership and business development qualities are tested here.

In addition to this we supplement with exercises that highlight other key qualities that are important for the position. As the tests are completed we provide feedback to the candidate orally and in writing to the client. 

Person Profile Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery is a personal profile that gives the candidate a deep insight of themselves, their work preferences and behavior. The candidate learns how he/she can be even better at adapting, communicating and interacting with others to create strong and effective relationships. Insights Discovery also suggests how the candidate can set up smart development goals for himself. After completing tests, we provide feedback to the candidate orally and in writing to the customer. After the completed test PS Partner take further references on the candidate and summarize to the client.

Coaching & leadership development

Ever since the inception of PS Partner, our recruitment, consulting and search offerings have given us trust from our customers. We have been focused in recruiting key functions to many exciting companies. Thanks to these collaborations, we see an increased interest in continuing to work with leadership development. We are grateful for that. We are growing both as individuals, business partners and as a successful company of all these exciting challenges we get the privilege to meet and manage.

We know that no one is born as a leader. Everyone needs to train for continued success. With self-insight, courage and ambition you can develop in your role. Sometimes the opportunity to get help from outside parties is a good idea. We believe that the best development effort is a well-balanced mix of both own, individual development interspersed with group development and with clear elements of reflection.

Ps Partner has consultants that have Diploma of ICF (International Coach Federation).

With a solid knowledge of ICF’s 11 core competencies and Transforming Coaching we can help you with the following: Development – individual (eg leadership coaching and deeper personal judgment directed towards development) Development – group (Management group development, talent programs, leadership programs, both open and tailor-made, HiPo efforts, conflict resolution etc.)

Workshops and teambuilding in the form of so-called business simulations (eg on the theme Change, Power and Impact, Decision-making and business games)

Tailor made customized programs EQ workshops and lectures on eg emotional intelligence.

Group Development & Communication Workshops (Insight Discovery)

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