Personal letter

A cover letter is just as it sounds – a personal description of yourself. We will help you get started. Writing a cover letter can be just as difficult as getting started with a resume. Actually, the personal letter fills one single function, to answer the question:

Why should the company meet you?

To answer this question, we recommend the following:

  • Consider customizing the personal letter to each company. It gives the impression that you’ve spent time and expresses that you are really interested.
  • Take time to gather information on the company. If you find nothing of value on the internet, it is a good idea to call the company. If you are nice, you can greatly benefit from a receptionist/switchboard operator.
  • Introduce yourself briefly and explain that you would like to send your resume to the company. Emphasize that you understand if they do not have the need right now, but that you are interested if something would come up. Justify why you would be a great asset to the company. Keep it brief, ask for an email address and it is optimal if you already can arrange a meeting.
  • Remember not to tell everything in your letter and do not reproduce the whole CV again. Take the “goodies” that are consistent with what you perceive the company to work with and value. The letter should make the company curious and want to meet you. Bring out your strengths and describe how they would benefit the company.
  • Keep it strict and avoid exclamations as “really good” or “very good”. Keep the text short and concise, at most one A4 page.
  • Finish with you looking forward to meeting them and that you will contact them to schedule a meeting.