Reverse Recruitment

Are you tired of being spammed by recruiters about jobs that don´t interest you & don´t fall in to the category of skills that match your abilities?

Would you rather find a carreerpartner that will listen to what is important to you when choosing a workplace? One that cares what kind of interests you have and what your long-term career goals are?

This is what we do at PS Tech; We match Tech talents with companies and organizations that fits the candidates requirements and preferences. In other words – reverse recruitment.

We make sure not only to listen to your interests and wishes, but to really take the time to truly understand what kind of personality defines you, and where you’d feel happy working.

Matching is our masterpiece. Buliding a realtionship with you is therefore a vital ingredient.

Our upside is that we are not stressing to recruit or fill positions. We are here to really see the person behind the resume, and find the perfect match.

Would you prefer working in a smaller company, where you’ll be involved in the whole process and thereby able to make an impact? Are you a fan of entrepreneurial creatives, wanting in at a start-up developing a new unique product?

Or, are you perhaps looking to be part of a large organization, where you can gain international experience, work on bigger projects and even consider global career opportunities?

Maybe you’re the type of person that likes being a consultant – involved in a variety of different projects, gaining experience and knowledge of new technology and the chance to meet new people on a daily basis?

Reach out directly:

Gabriella Christiansen – Regional Manager PS Partner ( Tel. +46 70-090 59 58 or

Ana Shontova – Tech Recruiter at PS Tech (, Tel. +46 70-796 29 17), and they will be happy to dig in to your profile and find your perfect match.